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Depechewerk (Autobahn Time Again) by dashassfrost

I promote myself, okay? ;D

My last portrait depicting, um, well, you know who. I hope you Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode admirers around Tumblr would love this piece! ^_^ But there’s only one IMPORTANT point here: please, DON’T REUPLOAD! Please, reblog only. Honestly keep my copyright, okay?.. I believe in you. Yes. I really believe in y’all ;)

Oh, yes. There’s a long and detailed description under the link given above. You probably would love to read :)


When my two favorite fandoms collide…

PS - In David Buckley’s book Publikation, Karl is quoted as saying he had heard there was interest in a Depeche Mode/Kraftwerk collab, but DM ended up turning it down because they only wanted to work with the “classic” KW line-up…(I don’t see Ralf ever even considering it myself, but I don’t know the guy so who knows?)


Suddenly saw Depeche Mode gifs and recollected!..

My last portrait of Kraftwerk would probably make all their fans completely mad at me XD

Well, let’s hope Florian doesn’t see it… X’D




I was waiting for someone to notice.  ;)

#no need to pretend #tho i imagine karl and wolfie would like to break the glass with ralf’s head #or his inflated ego #that’s not very nice dms-a-jem #i’m sorry ralf i still love you

OHo noooo you went there!


been shamelessly giggling about this for minutes now tho

NOOOO, crying Ralfie!  Poor baby!

And yet, I can’t be stopped…

*too much LOL, I just can’t…*

Typical Florian :D

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